Our country is facing an unprecedented economic crisis which will affect Arizona. Fixing our economy is going to require a drastic change from the current mindset that believes “government knows best.” Several steps need to be taken to start to put our economy back on the right path from both the state and federal level.

  • Stop wasteful state and federal spending. Just as individual citizens must live within their means – so must the government. The feeding frenzy is over, it is time to say no to increased spending and handouts from our federal government.


  • We must lower taxes! Raising taxes during times of economic disparity is not an option. I support eliminating the state income tax which will attract even more job creating businesses to our state.
  • Government does not create jobs – small businesses, entrepreneurs and free enterprise create jobs. The state of Arizona must cut excessive over burdening regulation and taxes and allow the private sector to grow thereby creating opportunity and jobs for everyone.