The conservative team of Eddie Farnsworth, Warren Petersen and Travis Grantham has picked up another high-profile endorsement – Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

In his statement, Montgomery said “We need experienced proven conservatives that will uphold the rule of law, be tough on crime and support public safety. That is why I am supporting Eddie Farnsworth, Warren Petersen and Travis Grantham as our next LD12 legislators. I have worked closely with Representatives Petersen and Farnsworth at the Legislature and they have consistently passed laws that keep our state safe. I know that Travis will compliment them well fighting for the safety of our state, the same way he has fought for our country while serving in the Arizona Air National Guard as an officer and a pilot. Please join me in voting for Warren Petersen for State Senate and Eddie Farnsworth and Travis Grantham for Arizona House. They are proven conservatives we can count on to do the right thing.”

Farnsworth and Petersen are both award-winning legislators who have earned acclaim from taxpayer and family groups alike. They have both played key roles in balancing Arizona’s budget, adding hundreds of millions of dollars to local education, and bringing economic growth and jobs to the East Valley.

Grantham is a 3rd-generation Arizonan who currently holds the rank of Major and is serving as an Aircraft Commander and Instructor Pilot in the Arizona Air National Guard. He is also a Partner and serves as the Chief Operations Officer for International Air Response (IAR).

The Republican Primary will be held August 30th, 2016.